Projects Old

Using the Collective Impact model of system change, the Coalition Supporting Young Adults commits to projects that:

Focus attention on the unique needs and goals of Louisville’s vulnerable youth and young adults, as they describe them;

Identify community-wide policies and funding strategies that address these needs;

Build the capacity of service providers, educators, and interested adults to work more closely together and more effectively for vulnerable youth and young adults.

Coalition projects have included:

Community Mapping Projectan ongoing project to identify innovative strategies, funding opportunities, and potential partnerships that can address the complex needs of Louisville’s young people.

Youth Voice Project seeking input from young people at every opportunity, this project develops surveys, focus group meetings, and other tools for gathering input from the vulnerable young people we want to assist.

Task Force Teams – meeting a monthly community-wide convenings, work groups focus on improving four domains of need – housing, employment, education and wellness.

Cradle to Career Integration Initiativeworking with local leaders, workforce agencies, educational entities, and others, the Coalition is developing community-wide goals and strategies to reengage youth who are struggling.

Louisville’s Coalition Supporting Young Adults grows stronger with each new member, volunteer or supporter. Join the movement to transform the way we assist our community’s struggling youth and young adults. Join CSYA Louisville today!

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