Cross-System Trends and Priorities

The Coalition Supporting Young Adults and Kentucky Youth Advocates developed a comprehensive report, utilizing current and previous research as well as input from partners and youth, on the current landscape for young people in Louisville. The goal of this report is to identify priorities for policy and program changes around which community members can coalesce to make transformational change for young people.

Fiscal Resource Map

Coalition Supporting Young Adults and McNary Group, LLC conducted a fiscal map of programs in Louisville, Kentucky who serve disconnected and system-involved young people (16 to 24 years) as part of a collaborative effort in Louisville. This project gathered data about resources, programs, and funding using a survey tool, and sought to identify limitations or restrictions of the identified funding. This report aims to start a community conversation for funders, decision-makers, organizations, and youth.

Cross-System Assessment

Coalition Supporting Young Adults partnered with the University of Louisville Center for Family and Community Well-Being (CFCWB) to identify, train, and pilot assessment tools for mental health, life skills, crisis needs, and goals of system-involved youth and young adults between of ages of 16 and 24 that are trauma-informed and asset-based. In addition to providing more comprehensive and evidence-informed data on the needs of youth, this project will also provide an opportunity for cross-system identification, communication, and advocacy to meet these needs.

Youth-led Mental Health Research Project

The Coalition Supporting Young Adults, Kentucky Youth Advocates, and several young adult stakeholders conducted research on access to and utilization of mental health supports among young adults in Louisville. A small cohort of dedicated young adults utilizing the Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) framework, led this work from start to finish. The goals of this project were to identify barriers and solutions and, ultimately, improve meaningful access to such supports.

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