Pathways to High School Diploma & Beyond

You have the right to enroll in public education until age 21 or you earn a diploma.

There are many ways to earn a high school credential and prepare for college or a career. The most common path is to attend a four-year public high school. However, there are other ways for students who want to graduate in less than four years, who have fallen behind on credits, or want to pair their education with job training or employment. In this guide, learn about the different pathways to high school and beyond.

Pathways to High School Credential June 30 2021

Your educational goals are important! With so many choices, it can be hard to know which is the best choice for you. For assistance, contact one of these local programs or resources.

Louisville Youth Network
A network of organizations are available to help young people find their path to school, work, and services. For help finding the right path for you, connect with a navigator through their website: or call 502-230-2028.

15,000 Degrees
Pathways to Education Coaching Support – to assist African-American students with academic and life support to finish high school and work with them to create realistic goals for college and career readiness.  Scholarships for college, mentoring and coaching support available.  Please call (502) 224-1923.

Jefferson SkillsU Reengagement
JCPS Staff can check your transcript and let you know the courses you need to graduate. They can also connect you with the program that works for you. Call (502)977-8913 or (502)977-8974.

Kentucky Youth Career Center
KYCC case managers and career planners are available to help find the best way to reach your education and career goals. Call (502) 574-4115 or (502) 388-3010.

School Staff
Reach out to the counselor at the last school attended for more information about the options available to you. Schools are looking for ways to help students so the path to graduation may be shorter than you think.

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